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          Irrigation systems are a great investment for your residential or commercial

property. In addition,  irrigation systems provide more efficient water usage.  An

automatic irrigation system will provide your landscape with the proper amount of

water and ensure regular watering of your lawn, which is very important for stress

and disease control.  Irrigation systems are the best way to ensure your lawn and

landscape is always looking its best and never stressed due to lack of water.  Our

Irrigation systems keep your outdoor area protected and looking its best all year




                      Well Drilling, Pumps,  Lawn and Landscaping services

          Better Than Rain Irrigation Inc. will help you design your new fully

automatic irrigation system or renovate your existing one residential and


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system design and installation service as well as are repair services for your

existing irrigation system with the option of our popular preventative maintenance

programs.  If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us

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